Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Testing Throughput of Gateway/CPE with Jperf

Step 1: Setup Two PCs connected with your DUT (device under test), in this case your CPE.

PC1 is attached to LAN side and PC2 attached on WAN side

Step 2: Assign addresses to devices.

LAN side PC, PC1 will get the address from the DHCP server insed the DUT.
configure the stative IPs on

WAN side of DUT

Step 3: Check and confirm the connectivity by pinging PC2 from PC1

Step 4: Run the Jperf Application on PC1 and PC2

PC2 will act as server, click the server option and run it

PC1 will act as client, enter the IP of server, and run it.

You will see the LAN-WAN throtuput of your device.


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